Customs Brokerage Services / Customs Clearance

  TBN Company carries out customs clearance of goods and vehicles transported across the border of Ukraine. Our services include full customs support: from professional consultation and preparation of a full package of documents for customs clearance to the free usage of the product.

  Our company provides customs brokerage services of the highest quality. Our success is provided by qualified professionals, usage of advanced information technologies, excellent technical support, high standards of accountability, efficiency of solving tasks, demanding attitude towards our business.

  Our basic principles of working with clients: individual approach to each client, customs clearance at the highest level with the reasonable cost and the optimal amount of time.

  We deal with customs clearance of goods (loads) on all types of transport in any customs regime. TBN Company has a successful experience throughout Ukraine. By using electronic declaration technology we can arrange clearance of your goods (cargo) in any part of Ukraine where is a customs authority without need to leave the office. Our company's reputation in the customs authorities of Ukraine allows us to provide high-quality customs clearance services in the shortest possible time with the lowest cost for customers. We provide a full range of related customs clearance brokerage services including: a detailed consultation on issues of foreign economic activities, preparation of foreign trade contracts, registration of shipping documents (invoices, specifications, packing lists), issuing a package of necessary permits for customs registration, accreditation at the customs, classification of goods under HS (Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System), operative calculation of customs duties and charges, optimization of customs payments, justification of the right to receive tax benefits and preferences, product registration in accordance to EURO 1, product registration according to the invoice declaration. Our declarant will consult you about customs clearance of goods (freight) and how to calculate taxes at customs clearance.

  Our company carries out payments to suppliers, foreign currency banking operations, purchase of currency. We carry out customs clearance of import (export) without accreditation by the customer at the customs office, which also eliminates the need for dialogue with representatives of the customs authorities and supervisory bodies. This service will accelerate the process and the correct execution of foreign trade operations. We control every stage of customs clearance and report to you on its progress. If your professional activity requires organization of competent customs clearance TBN company will be your reliable partner, adviser, assistant and a qualified consultant in the implementation of the customs clearance of goods.

  Our employees will quickly and accurately put Your Enterprise on record in the customs authorities, will make changes in the accreditation card, will extend it and, if necessary, will provide you with detailed consultation about the documents required for accreditation card registration and production in your particular case.


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