export of wood pellets from Ukraine

Pellet straw, Briquette straw, Pellet sunflower, Briquette sunflower, Pellet straw, Briquette straw.

TBNcompany is one of the biggest wood pellets (WP briefly) trader in Ukraine.

Our plant is situated in the West part of Ukraine, at the Zhitomirskaya region near to Ukrainian–Polish border. Our 1st production line has more over 15 000 tones of WP capacity per year. Up to 2 quarter of 2011 we have to plan production capacity rising up to 42 000 tones of WP  per year. (2d line is ready to produce over 2 000 tones per month). WP producing without any chemical fixing agents under the high pressure method. Source of the raw material are pine sawdust for 1st line and the wood chips are for the 2d line. The Plant has its own laboratory for daily testing and controlling the input and output WP.  So, we sure our quality is follow Sertificate’s bellow.  There are WP types we produce: 6 mm and 8 mm  for household boilers systems an industrial heating.

Price Offer:
We offer WP under the Incoterms-2010 base. Prices are follow the seasonality. Packaging cost is included. High season price FCA Emilchino, factory warehouse,   small bags \ big bags:

D06: 110 \ 100 Euro per ton,  D08: 105 \ 95 Euro per ton,  

We can supply INDUSTRIAL pellets as well, 89 FCA from our warehouses in the West part of Ukraine

Packaging and transportation:
There are 2 types of packaging we are using for:
polyethylene small bags 15 kg each,  thickness is 80 mk, (sb) and the polypropylene big bags 1 000 kg each (BB)Each wood pallet (1,2*1,0 m) has1 080 kg Net for sb (72 bags unit*15 kg). Gross weight is 1 100 kg. Carriage is carry out by automotive transport mainly. The full truck has 22 tones Gross as max (21,6 NET of sb on pallets or 22 BB but not on the pallets). 
Company provides shipments under the DAP / DDP / FOB / CIF bases as well

Specification and Certification:
Our product follows DIN 51 731 (EN 14 961-2  A1/A2 and B)
Report №183 717 dd. 02.07.2010, issued by ASG Analitik-Service Gesellschaft mbH
Report 02/2011 dd. 2011, 1st quarter, issued by Ukrainian State Technical Heat Physics Research Institute

Here you can see the PN key wood briquette offer as well:  105 FCA Kiev.  We can supply with that type of renewable wood resources more over 100 tones per month. 

Our contacts:

Serij Terlecki,
Commercial Director,
TBN company,
Kiev, Ukraine, +38 067 551 27 74
                      +38 044 209 17 85
SKYPE: tbncompany

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