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Uzbekistan / delivery services / freight forwarding / TBN company / Republic of Uzbekistan / O‘zbekiston Respublikasi / Ўзбекистон Республикаси 

  • Air freight transport 
  • Ocean freight of less than container loads (LCL) 
  • Ocean freight of full container loads (FCL) 
  • Transportation of less than truck shipments (LTL or consolidated) 
  • Multimodal transport 
  • Warehousing in consolidation terminals, Bonded warehouse
  • Insurance coverage 
  • Project cargo deliveries 
  • Dangerous goods deliveries 
  • Export and import Customs clearance 
  • Cargo deliveries under any Incoterms terms of delivery, from EXW to DDP 
  • Documentary support and international trade consulting for clients

Important! Pre-read the restrictions, rules of customs clearance, customs duties for export \ import. Consult a direction specialist - contact information is on the page below. This will avoid delays in delivery by customs authorities and unnecessary expenses with transport companies.

 Air Freight Uzbekistan

  Air delivery from Uzbekistan is the fastest way to transport goods. When you are sending cargo from Uzbekistan, our agents will pick up the goods from the shipper; qualified staff will process and issue the export declarations as well as all necessary documents at the airport. Upon arrival, cargo will be taken at the airport with full customs clearance. The customer receives the goods without the need to issue documents by himself. We use the local airlines direct export, so the rates are lowest. Sending goods to Uzbekistan will be done in a similar pattern. We are picking up the goods from the client, prepare them and send them to the consignee. We make preliminary calculations and operational booking. For advice and cost calculation please call +380 93 047 16 63 or complete the online request form below.

 Ocean Freight Uzbekistan

  Ocean transportation of cargo are carried by leading shipping companies CSCL, COSCO, WANHAI, OOCL, MSC, YANGMING, PIL, EVER GREEN, MAERSK, CMA, ZIM and others. These options are quick, reasonably priced transport by sea. We can arrange a door to door service from Uzbekistan to European ports on the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Special containers: transportation of frozen cargo in refrigerator containers (Refrigerated) by companies: EVERGREEN, COSCO, MOL, APL, YML and MSC, which include the transportation of meat, vegetables, fruits, marine products. 

 Trucking Uzbekistan

  Trucking of goods in Uzbekistan. Affiliate Network allows delivering the goods in Uzbekistan by road to any place. We also have the opportunity to keep the goods at a temporary storage warehouse for customs clearance formalities and further delivery from Uzbekistan.

Customs Services Uzbekistan

  Customs clearance in Uzbekistan. Documentation of import and export customs clearance, sanitary inspection, certificate of origin, other special customs clearance services in Uzbekistan. Customs Brokerage Services in Uzbekistan: applying for import and export, commodity inspection and other services related to customs formalities, transit services without the direct presence of the customer. 

 Warehouses Uzbekistan

  Warehouse logistics in Uzbekistan, storage terminals for consolidation and cargo handling. Warehouse services in Uzbekistan: we can provide a wide range of warehousing services and storage of various commodities, transportation, distribution, packaging, labeling, weighing, measuring and other services for further shipment.

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Operations Manager
Oleksandr Vasyliuk


Operations Manager
Anatoliy Tyurin


Imports from Uzbekistan. Importer/Exporter Services

  If you want to carry the load (goods) from Uzbekistan one-time or on an ongoing basis, we perform a full range of foreign economic activity. We assist suppliers in Uzbekistan: search, check suppliers according to specified parameters. International contracts drafting, registration of shipping documents (invoices, specifications, packing lists). Settlements with suppliers, currency banking, currency purchase. We carry out customs clearance of imports without accreditation by the customer at the customs office, which also eliminates the need of the customer for dialogue with representatives of the customs authorities and regulatory authorities. This service will speed up the procedure and the correct execution of foreign trade operations. We perform the least-cost transportation of cargo (goods) being able to use all kinds of transport (road, air, sea, railroad). We deliver single (samples) and complete shipments. In the complex, after the passage of the formal customs procedures, cargo is delivered to the customer legally "ready" to transfer to the trade or production. Consult +380 93 047 16 63

Exports to Uzbekistan

  Cargo (goods) preparation and sending to non-residents. We search providers, promote producers (suppliers) in foreign economic activity. Settlements, all foreign currency bank transactions, purchase / sale of currency. International contracts drafting, registration of shipping documents (invoices, specifications, packing lists). Customs clearance of export without customer accreditation at the customs clearance, authorization of export documents, procedures and proper execution of foreign trade operations. Transportation of cargo (goods), the selection and implementation of the least-cost transportation – by using consolidation warehouses deliver single (samples) and complete shipments - being able to use all kinds of transport (road, air, sea, railroad). Consult +380 93 047 16 63.

Delivery from Uzbekistan for individuals

  Cargo (goods purchased in Uzbekistan) is sent to the closest warehouse in Uzbekistan. Then it transports from Uzbekistan to a warehouse in the recipient country. The customer can pick up the cargo (goods) by himself or we can send it by any courier service to the nearest convenient courier office.

Buying in Uzbekistan

  We can buy in Uzbekistan and deliver goods, spare parts, equipment and other; pay your supplier (pay for the goods); to deliver in accordance with all laws and regulations of customs control and clearance, with the closure of export and transit documents (EX, T1); with payment of all taxes and duties and VAT refund, which will save you the cost of buying significantly in Uzbekistan. The transportation of personal goods without any extra inconvenience for the customer.

Delivery to Uzbekistan for individuals

  The customer delivers the cargo (goods) to the warehouse by himself or sends to TBNcom warehouse with any convenient courier service. We perform customs clearance and transportation to Uzbekistan.

Post, Packages traсking in Uzbekistan


EMS-Uzbekistan (АЖ “Халкаро Тезкор Почта”)

Federal express operator of Uzbekistan. EMS Uzbekistan.

IZZ Express

IZZ Express

Uzbek express courier. GDA/Aramex and SPSR partner in Uzbekistan

O'zbekiston Pochtasi

O'zbekiston Pochtasi (Узбекистон Почтаси)

Federal postal operator of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan postal service.

Ocean Container Tracking




Courier Services


Cooperation in Uzbekistan

Sea Freight
Air Freight 
Supply Chain 
Warehouse & Logistics 
Project forwarding - trucking, heavy lift transport, barge shipments , air project shipments 
Customs clearance 
Packing Service 
Cargo quality control center for big customers 
Embassy and consulate legalizations
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